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Client Testimonials & Reviews

  • 5
    Your service was outstanding, you kept us in the loop throughout the entire process.  You made shopping for life insurance a breeze.  Thank you so much!Lisa B.
  • 5
    Michael Horbal was professional, straight forward and asked questions to determine the best coverage for what I needed.  He was easy to get a hold of, answered all my questions and got me a great policy within my budget.  Thanks!
  • 5
    Mike was a great help in finding affordable insurance and guiding me through the process!
  • 5
    Michael did a fabulous job helping me through this process.  He made it easy and was very supportive when I had questions, etc.  I would recommend him in a heart beat to my family and friends.
  • 5
    Very professional + thorough.
  • 5
    Job well done!!  Will definitely recommend!
  • 5
    Michael Horbal provided exceptional customer service and assistance in securing a comprehensive life insurance policy to meet the needs of me and my family.
  • 5
    I highly recommend working with Michael.  He was incredibly patient with me throughout the process, and I felt I had an advocate in him.
  • 4
    Excellent service.  Mike provided me with great options and explained pros and cons of all the available choices.  Thanks!
  • 4
    Service was excellent!  My advisor customized best options based on information I provided, and responded to all my emails within an hour.  Very prompt and very helpful and courteous.